Wednesday, April 28, 2004

This Is Your Last Warning

About...oh, I don't know, cats? Yeah, you know anything that soft with so many sharp edges is just eager to draw you in and then put holes in you. I'm not a cat person. But I loved my dog, and my brother's dog is a pretty good one.

While I'm on it, I guess there are two cats I know who have justifiable existences. The first is named Scooter. He belongs to my friend Leon (or I guess Leon belongs to him?), and he's a huge silver cat who generally stays out of the way. He's never bitten me, never clawed me, never scratched me, and when I've had a mind to, he's let me scratch his ears. Not a bad cat. An exemplar to his breed, but unfortunately not a representative example.

The other that comes to mind lived at my wife's vet clinic. His name was Bubby, and he was diabetic, which is why he lived at the clinic. His people couldn't afford him anymore and didn't have time to take care of him, so they donated him to the clinic. He died a month or two ago, and it's genuinely sad. He was a nice kitty.

But I didn't intend to come here and write about cats, so on to business.

This Saturday we're having a LAN party at my house. If you've been to one of my LAN parties before, you're invited again. If you haven't, you'll have to contribute something, like, And not that frozen crap, either. Whip out your plastic and have The Hut or Domino's bring some in. Or Papa John's. Mmmmm.

We'll be starting around five-ish, or whenever we feel like starting to play. Bring your PC and a monitor, and an ethernet switch if you have one. Half-Life has been the game of choice lately, but we may get into some Motocross Madness 2.

Donations of Dr. Pepper will be warmly smiled upon.

Leon...a couple of things. As soon as I've got your email nearby, I'll send you an invite to contribute to this blog. Accept it, start writing a little bit regularly, and it will be fun.

Second, next week is finals week for me. I've only got two finals to worry about that week, and they're both early in the week, so you should see about some time off so we can fish. Fish! Because only crazy freaks don't like to fish...Eric, I'm looking in your direction. And my new rod and reel need breaking in.

Oh yeah, I've got an Admissions Application to Weber for you, too, so don't be a stranger.

So today is the first day I've really been able to enjoy my new-ish mp3 player. I had to send it back for replacement twice after I ordered it, and then I sent it somewhere else for upgrading. I started the process about two months ago, and now I'm finally enjoying listening to it at school and recording my class lectures with it. Finally. Now that the semester is over.

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