Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Now up to five times faster!

I’ve been having trouble getting some pages to load, most notably my personal web log. This is a fairly new problem, and the fact that it popped up during my sabbatical makes it difficult to diagnose. I do have my suspicions though. The ISP used here in my childhood home just changed its logon system (which was probably why I couldn’t get online the day before I got married). I’m guessing that they’ve changed their entire service, perhaps gearing toward the kind of “optimized” nonsense that has been all the rage lately. (The commercials and the rage are the nonsense, by the way, although I wouldn’t rule out calling the service garbage too. If you need a faster connection, just fork out for DSL, cheapskates!) Actually, the connection feels quite a bit slower than before, so I kind of doubt that kind of optimization. In any case, I suspect that the ISP has changed something and it’s keeping my page from loading properly. Clearing the browser’s cache helps, but it still stinks to have problems like this.

Just another month, and then I can have cable internet in my own apartment. I can hardly wait.

One more note: Jake’s LAN parties are good fun. I usually go expecting them to use me to paint the walls an uneven red color, so whenever anything goes well, I’m pleasantly surprised.

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