Monday, April 12, 2004


I recently (after several failed attempts, which was ultimately due to failure to follow instructions on my part) installed SNMP on the local residential gateway. It’s a PC with a PII 350 MHz running Windows Millennium (see Jake’s last entry for comments on that OS), and it’s the primary machine for four of the five people who live here, as well as two people who don’t live here (only I don’t use it, except to connect to the web). It uses Internet Connection Sharing to give the other machines in the house access to its 56k (usually closer to 28k) dial-up connection.

I digress.

I got SNMP installed and running normally, at which point I added that machine, or rather its IP address, to the list of machines for MRTG to monitor. I ran the config file maker, which politely informed me that the machine in question had responded with the error, “noSuchName”. I haven’t had much time (or access to the machine in question, what with the other people who depend on it) to try to fix this. So far, my meager attempts have been met with failure.

I should add that I didn’t run into any such errors when setting up MRTG to monitor machines running Windows 98, 2000, or XP. I’m really tempted to blame the OS for this one, but I’m either going to a) work something out, in spite of whatever odds I may face or b) get married and leave that old beast to its fate. If the truth must be known, I’m leaning towards the latter option.

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