Monday, April 05, 2004

Some goals

As it has been so ably pointed out, I am lagging behind as a geek. It’s getting time to remedy that. To this end, I finished reading an A+ prep book today. I don’t know if I will ever take the test (I’ll be employed in a field where my knowledge of IRQ conflicts is irrelevant), but at least I know more than I used to. Playing with computers is a hobby of mine. It’s like working on beat up cars is for some men, but I tend to get less greasy (unless I forget to shower for a few days).

My point is that I’m like a caterpillar who is still in a chrysalis when it comes to a lot of the tech stuff. But I have big plans. I’m just not sure how many of them I’ll be able to realize and still have a happy marriage. My immediate goals (over the next few months, anyway) are:

1) Get a high speed internet connection. (The foul demons at Comcast don’t offer cable internet in our neighborhood, even though they do offer digital cable. What’s up with that?)

2) Establish a web server, with HTTP, FTP capabilities at least, accessible from the web.

3) Get MRTG running with the RDDTools package.

4) Register a domain.

5) Get a laptop.

I’ll consider a key drive, but I’d like to point out that they’re only that prevalent among the people Jake hangs out with (excluding me). I get the same functionality out of a shared folder that is also available via FTP. It’s done well for me, at least since I changed from the Cerberus FTP server software. There’s nothing so frustrating as trying to download a folder with hundreds of small files when your FTP server is taking several minutes to start each one.

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