Wednesday, April 21, 2004

This Coke is putting me to sleep...

Man, I'm tired.

My mom's Palm m100 that she's had for over three years is finally going in the toilet. It could just be that she keeps it in her purse where it bumps into everything in existence all day, and that when the digitizer alignment screen comes up she sloppily sets it with her finger nail. Then she told me that her clicks are registering in the wrong places. Hm. That's curious.

Well, I have a Sony Clie that I bought a while back. It's the best Palm I've ever had (out of about 20), and ironically, shortly after I bought it, I also bought a Tablet PC and stopped using it.

So it sits in its cradle all day, every day on my desk, and I use it to control WinAmp while I'm playing Half-Life. Well the poor little guy wasn't being challenged at all, was he?

So my mom has the Clie now, and I'm certain it'll get much more use with her. I don't know what I'll do about music during Half-Life now, but my desk is cleaner. I'll miss it, but not terribly much. And it's roughly analogous to her trading in a 1983 Chevette for a 2002 Jeep Cherokee. Sony makes a good handheld.

I watched Brini again this afternoon. It just didn't have the same magic the second time around, so I turned it off. Then again, I'm grumpy lately. Grumpy!

Eric called today to let me know he's alive. He and the missus survived their honeymoon and it's all downhill from here, as they say. I guess there are a few different things that could mean. Heh.

I've got to tell Jeff happy birthday. There's just over an hour of the day left, and I haven't even seen him yet.

Plus, I'm tired.

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