Thursday, April 29, 2004

The hammer falls

Oh the joys of having something new to do! Thanks to Jake and Eric for the invitation to assist in keeping this place interesting.
First to my only technical problem in a while, at least on my computer. I had just finished bragging to my brother about how cool the clips to half-life 2 were and convinced him to join me at my computer to watch them. So I strut into my room like a cat with the fish for dinner and turn on my computer. When I get to the logon screen suddenly my fish is forcibly taken from me. I can’t type my password in! Oh the embarrassment! Here I am trying my hardest to show off and I can’t even type. Well the solution was fairly simple if a little time consuming. I own a wireless gyration keyboard and mouse set that a good friend (Jake) hooked me up with. Quickly I noticed that the receiver was not picking up a signal so I tried my mouse sill nothing. To make a long story short (I know to late) the batteries in my keyboard were dieing and I just had not used the mouse for so long that it just needed to be reset. Well one emergence avoided.
Next to the more important subject Jakes LAN-party. First I have notified Gary and have a “commitment” from him. As to the Dr.Peper you will never guess what I walked into my room with before even reading the blog........ two cases of DP. I think this makes two times I have anticipated the need before even being asked. It’s great having friends this good. And finally I am looking forward to doing some painting of my own. Though I prefer black and blue to red.

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