Friday, April 16, 2004


All apologies for my pessimism. Of course Eric still writes here. Today he got married, and quite naturally, he's been out of the loop. And regarding said marriage...

Picture the following: A beautiful room in a beautiful religious building. A small group of friends and family (about 40) are gathered and seated in the beautiful room to watch, support, and congratulate the bride and groom as they get married and begin a new life together.

Okay, see that back wall? There's a largish guy with a goatee, has his arm around a lovely woman in a gorgeous dress at his side. A bit of a man's man. Striking features. Power tie. Gold wedding band, nice watch.

The ceremony has started, and...what's this? Oh, yes, I'm afraid so. He's bawling his eyes out. The bride and groom's mothers? Not a sniff.

Allergies? A mild case of the sniffles? Clearly not. There are no sneezes, no coughs, no runny nose. No, the poor fool is just an emotionally over-wrought boob.

Lacking the forethought to catch a Kleenex on the way in, the blubbering brute wipes his tears onto his long white shirt sleeve.

And once again, our oaf is me. Oh, good Lord, what IS the matter with me?

So, Eric and Becky, many years beyond happy years to you. I think I was nearly anonymous, but may the record show that I truly am that happy for you. I cried like the big fat baby that I am.

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