Thursday, April 15, 2004

Eric, We Hardly Knew Ye

It appears that Eric no longer writes here. Or maybe not. Who knows?

His last post over at The Garden, regarding a mini-golf score card was quite touching.

Oh, I've got to try his new phone number. He said it might be connected today. Hang on a sec...

It just rang and rang. Eric, you're going to have to get a machine. Or a cell phone. Either would do.

I'll freely admit that for a long time...too long, I didn't really understand your relationship with your intended. Over the last year or so, though, you've let me see enough that I've come around.

Really, our courtships are quite similar. John and John had to go on wild asking-people-to-marry-them rampages after returning from their missions, but when I came home, the wedding was practically already planned.

Crystal and I wrote letters once a week, faithfully, and sometimes more often. We even briefly broke up while I was in a city called Manitowoc. I'm sure glad we got through that.

You and I need to play Half-Life soon, but more importantly, we need to do some things that will involve our wives. Would yours be willing to play laser tag? I found a great place to play a while back, and it was loads of fun.

We should get Leon a date and bring them along, too.

I don't say this much, me.

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