Monday, April 05, 2004

Celebrating Five Years of Being Shot Down...

A brand new blog. *Sniff*

So I fired up WinAmp. You know, like I'm prone to do.

I figure I'd better start this thing off with a bang, and some tunes would be just the thing to get the thinker thinking, in theory. Wow, I've never alliterated with "th" before.

Anyway, I got WinAmp playing, and the wife fired warning shots over the poop deck, so to speak. (Eric is thinking..."Is the poop deck really what I think it is?", because he's a Simpsons-obsessed fanboy.)

She wants to prepare a lesson, for goodness sake. I almost said for gosh sake, but I don't want to go to heck.

So the lovely lady I'll have been married to for five years in five days (for today is the fifth!) wants no part of my inspiration-seeking merriment. I shan't tell her that she became the merriment instead. 'Twould be bad luck.

The Eric I badmouthed above set up this blog so that we'll have a place to share geeky things. Good idea, Eric. It shall be so. So...

Tomorrow I'm shipping off my Archos mp3 player to Mr. Mike at He's going to put in an 8MB chip and a 2800mAh battery for me. And this is the mp3 player I already put a 60GB hard drive in, so when it gets back, it will be killing iPods left and right with a simple nasty glare.

I do readily admit that iPods are prettier, but so are Macs, at least in theory, and I'm not at all attracted to buying a computer with less power, fewer software options, and an image that would hurt my hacker chic irreparably.

And again, iPods are smaller, but 1). show me one with a 60GB hard drive and 2). so is a Hyundai, but I'll keep my Accord, thank you.

MMMM...I need an Accord with a V6. faster, Faster, FASTER! I wannit.

Well, clearly, I'm tired and silly.

So just one more thing before I post this and imagine Eric doing something akin to a potty dance.

NEWS FLASH: Every credential-packing geek in the world EXCEPT YOU has a little USB flash drive these days, Eric. That's right, all of 'em.

You know why? Because soon your mother will have one, and you will have missed the opportunity to say, "Oh, yeah, I know all about those, and boy, any and every aspiring geek is already on his fifth one."

But no. Mommy will beat you, I'm afraid.

You know what's cool that I can do and you can't? Write an autorun file that gives my key drive a custom icon and pops up it's own Explorer window when I plug it into a PC. Cool, but not for you.

And WE ARE SHOT DOWN ONCE AGAIN! I thought a flash drive was a brilliant idea for a wedding gift. Cute little matching flash drives. The wife says it's a horrible idea. Worst ever. Five years of bad ideas and they all pale in comparison.

Eric, you're gonna love marriage. Maybe someday I will too.

Just kidding, honey! don't hurt me!

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