Thursday, September 15, 2005

Has this ever happened to you?

Has this ever happened to you?

You answer your door to find a neighbor standing out there with a wagon full of squash and not just any squash the dreaded zucchini in all of its greenness. What do you do send them away and possibly hurt their feelings? Maybe you develop a sudden allergy or do you accept just to throw it away later. Well here is a solution for you. It tastes good and tastes even better the second day.

Bacon – Zucchini Soup:
Serves 6 – 8

8 cups unprepared zucchini
6 strips of bacon cut into pieces
1 can (10 ¾ oz) chicken broth
½ tsp salt (optional)
1 tsp season salt
1 tsp basil leaves
¼ tsp pepper
¾ cup chopped onions
Croutons and or parmesan cheese for toppings (optional)

Chop zucchini and set aside.
Fry bacon until crisp remove from pan
Sauté onions in bacon grease.

Combine zucchini with bacon, onions, and remaining ingredients in large pot and cook until zucchini is tender adding water as needed. And allow to cool. (Side note I personally cook the bacon in the large pot and leave the grease in the soup and leave out the salt. This way I only get one pot dirty.) Put cooked mixture in blender and blend until very smooth. Heat for serving and top with croutons and parmesan cheese if desired.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Thank you Leon. I know Andy can be a Dink and I appreciate you taking the initiative.

The new specs for the party should work out just fine. I certainly don't have a problem with it and if anyone does, let me know.

Now that it's official, I want to put a few things out there. First, I'd like to do some Half-Life Mod games. I'm thinking Opposing Force, Team Fortress, and possibly Counter Strike and HL2. I'd like to know how people feel about doing this and if there are enough people with those games to make it worth while. Second, Jake has been pointing out more and more with each LAN party that Half-Life Deathmatch is fun, but it gets old after a while, as does mototag. To help with this, he has reccomended a black jack tournament and for the last party attempted a dedicated Mortal Kombat computer. I would like any other suggestions for new and exciting games to play.

Here's looking forward to our Halloween LAN Party!

PS: Thank you again, Leon, for taking initiative.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

LAN Party: Power Trippin

Due to a lack of motivation or desire from my brother, I have finally pushed the subject of the LAN party with my parents. Here are the details they want.

  1. October 28th is the day they prefer, this is a Friday we will start accepting people at 2:00 pm no earlier. Knowing most of us have work that should not be a problem.
  2. At 9:00 pm the pool table and the stereo will be turned off and further use forbidden. My parents have plans and want to be able to get some sleep. I had to fight to make the stereo an option at all please be grateful. We are not allowed to turn it to 11; they have their own things going on up stairs and like to listen to their own music.
  3. At 11:00pm that is it time to pack and go.
  4. Head phones for your computer are mandatory.
  5. Finally I (Leon) am in charge of the basement. Not Andrew because:
    1. I worked it out with my parents.
    2. They trust me.

If there are any changes you would like let me know ASAP and I’ll try to get it worked out. My parents enjoy the fact that you all like to come and play. I like to see they and their home are treated with respect. They are very nice despite what the above may seem to indicate. I just like to get to the point.

Thanks to all of us and let’s make this work!

Leon Walker.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

RE: RE: [Phischkneght Forum] The Next LAN Party(A Reply From Phoenix)

Alright, alright, maybe I did jump the gun, but I would like to point out a few things. For starters, nothing is for certain right now. My post was more to announce that that was what we wanted to do, though in my excitement, things sounded more concrete. We did intend to speak with the heads of the Walker household and Leon before proceding. Also, we set the date far enough in the future to hopefully avoid any scheduling conflicts, and of course, should any major ones occur, we are ready to change it.

Anyways, my appologies. I will have Andrew bring up the subject tomorrow and I will speak personally with Leon at the soonest possible time. So hopefully things will go more smoothly and we won't be "DENIDED" anymore.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

RE: [Phischkneght Forum] The Next LAN Party(A Reply From Phoenix)

Well I am glad you are gung ho about a LAN party but until it is cleared on the house owner side you are SCREWED! I am not trying to be mean but you need permission from both my mother AND father for this type of thing to fly. Having my father next to me and saying this is the first he has heard of it is not a good indicator. After you get permission then start a guest list. Our family meetings occur every Sunday after dinner. Andrew needs to bring up the proposition then and make sure he has it cleared. We may or may not have something else planed as a family of just my parents but just expecting them to drop every thing and rearrange life to fit you is rude. Point 2 just who do you think this house network belongs to. I personally demand that some one asks to use my things before assuming they can and inviting others to do so. So until I hear otherwise this location and equipment have been DENIDED.

p.s. I like the idea of a LAN party but only if the proper channels are followed.

p.p.s I believe in repentance and forgiveness.

Leon Walker

V.P. of the W.F. Corporation.

The Next LAN Party

I have been talking with Andy, and we have agreed that a LAN party is in order. Here's what we're thinking: October 29, from noon to midnight. Cover will probably be in the area of $15, and the party will be at the Walkers'.

As it stands, here is a preliminary guest list:
Myself (Jeff)

We are going to look into Garcia's again since that has proved popular, but if anyone has suggestions for menu changes, people I forgot to invite, or any other changes, let me know. I will be checking this blog often.