Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Random Post, Random Day

Amazon wants to know what I think. So I told them. Here's my note to them:

Seems that the deals on Gold Box aren't as good as they used to be. A lot of the stuff in there lately is over-priced even after the Gold Box coupon.

Cater to my tastes a little more. You know that I'm an electronics junkie. Why do you show me kitchen junk?

I'm far more likely to buy a spindle of blank DVDs than the first season of "Friends." If it's a good deal.

Your competition is spanking you on price these days.

Tech-savvy users know what Froogle is. Do you?

Your price on an iRiver iHP-140 MP3 player is 399.94. Comp-U-Plus sold it to me for $351 and Fedexed it to me for $1. Here's a link:


I don't even check you guys first anymore. I hope you get better.

I dunno, was that too harsh?

Yesterday was both my first day back at school (as a Sophomore now, thank you) and my first day on the job at the Davis Computer Lab. It was a seventeen hour day. I'm used to having a little more time to myself than that, but this should be good for me. If I can manage to get into some of the same habits I had three semesters ago, maybe I can start carrying even more credits. Or maybe not.

Here's what I love about sitting at a computer at the WSU Information Commons. Girls. I love girls.

When a pretty one sits at a computer in front of me, I can stare all I want, because she's looking at the computer screen, not me. I'd have to burst into flames, run, and scream for her to notice.

And I love to watch girls. I don't think it makes me dirty, any more than loving to see a brown trout flashing in the sunlight just above the river water does. Although it is a different kind of beauty.

It's not like I'd ever do anything about it anyway, for several extremely compelling reasons. For one thing, I love my wife. She isn't just pretty, and she isn't just a friend. Crystal is part of me, and beautiful to boot.

Now, I'm sure the pretty blonde in front of me is a really nice girl. But pursuing her would mean death to so many good things in my life that it's not even tempting. This is why I believe that people who cheat are not only inviting unhappiness into their lives, but are already plenty unhappy. Or extraordinarily stupid. Pick one.

Aw, no more solitaire? Bye. No more like that in immediate view. Maybe I should have burst into flames.

Monday, August 23, 2004


I just got back on Friday from 9 days of travel all over the western extremes of this country. It was exhausting. I recommend visiting Hawaii and Alaska, but not on the same day. Waking up in Waikiki and going to bed in Anchorage pretty much did me in.

There's no point in double posting, so catch my travel log entries over at the Garden of the Blind.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hello Vacation!

I'm in Park City, on a pirated net connection. Fun, yes?

Leon is sitting next to me with my Dell laptop, and I'm on the Tablet.

I've really got to say...we came out here only yesterday. We're at the WSU 2004 Academy of Leadership. And what I have to say is that even though we've only been here just over a day, we're having a hell of a time. In a good way.

The drive out was heavenly. I listened to my mp3 player, the morning was cool, and I navigated us right to our hotel. Flawless.

Leon and I were unpacking and he managed to lock his keys in his car...with it running. Leon made a call and two hours later, Gary was here with a spare key. The experience was a little scary, but it ended well.

Gary earned huge brownie points in the fiasco. Thank you, Gary. We were screwed, you saved us.

These leadership-type conferences can be hugely boring if not done properly, or even worse than boring, but this one has been good.

Last night, they finally let us out at around nine, so Leon and I went to Park City's Main Street to see what was going on. Not much. It's the off-season, and it was too late for anything but restaurants to be open.

What we did find open is a sushi bar called the Flying Sumo. Yum.

We ordered our sushi right away, and then waited over an hour for it. The wait staff were excellent though, gave us a free appetizer while waiting, and after sushi, gave us free desserts. I tipped about 75%. They deserved it.

And yes, the sushi was delicious. Outstanding.

The free appetizer they brought us is called edamame, I think. It's pronounced ehddamahmay. If anyone knows the proper spelling, let me know. Basically, it was soybeans, still in the shells, salted. My first, and very good. And the sushi was incredible.

The hotel we're at, Yarrow Inn, is a reasonably nice place. I called before we came out and verified that they have net access, both wired and wireless. What they neglected to tell me is that you have to pay $7 a day for it. Not cool, folks, especially for just a DSL that the whole hotel shares. For $7 a day, I expect a T1.

So a guy in my group coughed up the $7, and now three of us are sharing his password. Thank God.

This meeting's over. I have to post.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Life is Life

I may have been dead for a while but I believe in resurrection. Though it may take a while to get the blood moving.

I recently purchased another video game at the suggestion of a friend (Jake). It is called far cry and is a first person shooter that pushes the limits of my vid-card witch I find is happening more and more often as late. I had a desire for a new game that we could play at our LAN parties but I am afraid that this one will not cut it for the following reasons.

  1. The graphics are great in fact they are to good and can’t be run on all the computers when we get together for a party. People would be excluded.
  2. I believe the same problem exists for the processors.
  3. The maps are huge, massive, I mean phenomenally big. Our regular 5 to 8 players would run into each other about once every 10 min. This is only if everyone constantly moves. I personally like to be a sniper witch means that I find a good spot and take a few kills then move to the next one. The game seams to reward this tactic in single player, but in multi player it would just be a lot of sitting around waiting.
  4. The game has the ability to create your own maps but I do not like putting that much effort into a single level.

Next up on the things I have been doing is getting ready for my next vacation. I do not take vacations often and when I do they are not extravagant. This may be because I like money and vacations don’t make money as often as take money from your wallet. But what is the point of having a little money if you cant make life good for yourself every now and again. Well now I am ready to go to park city stay in a hotel and enjoy some time away from home and work. For the last 3 days I have been receiving phone calls from the registration office for this trip because they had no record of payment. Good job guys. Well they found my receipt yesterday and called to say they had it. It was good timing because I had just picked up the phone to call Jake to see if he wanted to make a trip back up there to show them my copy of payment. So now all is dandy once again. It is kind of strange my life only gets complicated and interesting when Jake gets involved, well that is what good friends are for.

Monday, August 02, 2004

So Sorry

I haven't posted in a little bit. I think my last post was a month ago yesterday.

Here's a rundown of some recent happenings:

It's finals week for me in summer semester.
My Archos mp3 player was stolen at school.
Money is getting tight and I have to sell my car.
I bought a new mp3 player.
I had a small LAN party with Eric and Leon.
Some other stuff.

I've been pretty busy. I'm supposed to be writing an English final right now. It's due tomorrow, and I've written about five sentences. Oh boy. I feel a late night coming on.

I started writing a post a couple of weeks ago. I do want to finish it and post it, but it's pretty long and I don't know if it will hold the attention of anyone but me long enough to read it.

I am alive. Really, I am. I will post again. The real question is if Leon will post again.

Gotta go.