Monday, October 04, 2004

This man needs sushi...STAT!

Jeez, I'm starvin'. I ate some Doritos at five, but now it's almost ten, and I've been thinking about sushi.
On Saturday night, Leon and I went to the Priesthood Session at my Stake Center, and then we went to Tepanyaki for sushi. We tried a few things we hadn't had before, and we ended up sending five rolls to sushi heaven.
We were seated at one of the griddle tables, where the chefs prepare all the ordinary meals as entertainment. Leon and I just sat there and watched while we waited for our sushi.
It didn't take too long to come, and we were eating about when everyone else at the table was. We ordered a second round of sushi and that didn't come until everyone had left, though.
The waitress was very nice. The chef was fun to watch, and he tossed a shrimp into my mouth. The sushi was superb. The sushi chefs there clearly know what they're doing.
It was also very reasonably priced, averaging around $4 less per roll than Happy Sumo.
Leon caught the check, so next time it's my turn. I won't mind at all.
Oh yeah, and General Conference was really good this year, too. But I'm hungry.
Happy birthday, Eric and Becks. Many more to you both.
Oh, did you notice when I changed our template we lost all our comments? Yeah. Gone. Nothing critically important there anyway.
Eric, can you make the 29th?

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Eric said...

I will probably be out of town in two weeks, and again the first week of November, but I plan to be there on the 29th. I wouldn't miss it.