Monday, October 25, 2004

I Am **So** Sore

Ya see, I spent the weekend squirting (in a bad way) and vomiting.

My wife has astutely observed that I don't barf casually...I hurl with religious fervor. Over and over, until I'm too exhausted to even leave the bathroom. And this is why I can never be bulimic. I would simply spew myself to death far more quickly than most of the other bulimics, leading to me being viciously mocked and not around to defend my over-barfing self.

And nobody likes that.

Today I'm well but sore, especially in the shoulders and gut area.

Stupid, stupid me, I couldn't leave well enough alone, and I crashed my server this weekend, right before the already mentioned sick-fest.

Acronis Disk Director, which claims to be compatible with WinServ 2k3, utterly failed at switching the drive letters of C: and D:, or rather, it succeeded in switching the letters, but failed in making them usable. After the change, the server booted and allowed me to log on, but then immediately logged me off. I never even got to see a desktop. Yes, even in safe mode. Yes, even with the administrator account (which No, I don't use all the time).

I had to do a repair install of WinServ 2k3, which left my server in a sort of zombified state. It boots and allows me to log on. It also remembers shared folders and permissions. Everything else is broken. Firefox, AVG, Disk Director (big loss, that one)...all broken.

Leon and I did some research on the problem today. It looks like the current plan is to do a fresh install of the OS and start all over. For the third damned time.

And this is what I look like when I'm frustrated.

Oh, and Acronis? Be watching for my request for a refund. This sort of thing shouldn't happen.

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