Saturday, October 23, 2004

Life the good and the bad.

Well I started another post about two weeks ago but never posted it. Why? Because I felt like I was bragging the whole time in trying to introduce myself. If you really want to know what I am like your just going to have to come to the LAN party and find out.

Well other than that the last few days have been a nightmare. At work I am the first one in the door in the morning so when I get sick there is no one to call into and if I don’t show up it can set back half the store for five to six hours. So Friday I went to work feeling like the living dead and in no mood to be there. Ill spare you the details of how sick and how often because I think you just would not care. Needless to say I am still sick on this beautiful Saturday, but on the bright side I have plenty of time to create a post.

Now for school for the last few weeks I have been hearing that the number of people attending collage has dropped. Personally I am not surprised also during those last few weeks I have been trying to get an appointment to get myself registered for school but every time I call all I get is “they are not in right now” or “they are out recruiting”. To them I say you are not going to get my money until I have classes to pay for. And until you put effort into getting people signed up you are not going to get their money either.

Maybe I should stop complaining or no one will read my posts.

My new tablet, I love it I took it to church to take notes on (I am a secretary) and it made life much nicer. No rustling of paper no rummaging through notebooks no extra scripture bag just one small computer and me, very nice.

I was seriously considering taking my tablet to the LAN party to play on but now I think I wont because in playing my games I has a bad habit of dropping frames when I am moving quick and that is just not expectable in a multi-player situation. I love using it for single player stuff while relaxing on my bed. That is how I keep my stress level low. I may bring it for a just in case but ill be kicking trash on my big system.

As to food have we committed to what we are going to be eating for dinner? Mexican or Chinese? I really would not mind taking an hour off to enjoy the food. Please no pizza, I think that my stomach dislikes it even though my mouth still dose.

The next adventure I hope will be setting up wireless in the house, if all goes according to plan.

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