Thursday, October 28, 2004

Now Is Previous To What's Going To Happen

In case you needed clarification.

Tomorrow is the LAN party.

As anyone up to date on this blog knows already, my server crashed hard last week, and I've been feverishly working to get it back into tip top shape since.

The problem is that I don't have near as much time to repair and prepare the server as it takes, so I've been dedicating time in chunks just large enough to get one task done.

Last night I spent a couple of hours in bed with my Tablet PC remotely accessing DENTSERVER and trying to put permissions back the way they belong.

An interesting footnote-the file permissions remained on some of the folders through this crash, and there were interesting consequences. My music drive, for instance, was full of data, but when I tried to click into the folder, I was told that the operating system was protecting the files inside and I couldn't view them.

Turns out that the previously existing security permissions for those folders were blocking everyone and everything from even looking at the files...including the OS. Once I killed all permissions outright, though, the data suddenly existed again.

I'm still waiting for Acronis to respond to my last post and email. They didn't overnight, and I'm getting the sense that they've written me off as a crazy-person-to-be-ignored. I don't take being ignored well, though, and if they don't remedy my complaint otherwise, I am going to file a dispute with Chase Bank, the issuer of my credit card. Yeah, it's only about $50, but a man's got to take a stand. And that's a pretty big problem that they're trying to tell me isn't a problem.

So the guest list is looking something like this:

Me (Jake)
Krys (I go to school with him)
My dad (Mark, and still maybe)

Is that really all? It doesn't seem right.

Anyway, I've pretty much decided on Mexican food for this party. I'm going to go to Baja Fresh today and order a party pack for tomorrow.

I also need to talk to my dad about possibly running a cable to the great room in the middle of the house and putting a router in there so that we can play from couches. There may be concerns about the equipment damaging the furniture, though. There's no telling what will come.

Oh, the game of the day will be Half-Life. For sure. Enough of us seem to be fond enough of the regular old multi-player slash and dash style setup that I really don't see a reason to change.

And Half-Life updates will be available on-site from the server.

We were all sick of Half-Life for a while there, but we've all had a break now, and I think we're ready for another sickening round of gore.

Halloween-y movies are definitely an option if the group (or a splinter group) wants to.

Also, there will be time for eating set aside this time. I want to eat with everyone and get face time. It's nice to socialize a little between the simulated bloodbaths.

So here's my task list:

1. Get Leon over to test server settings and close gaps.
2. Order food. We may have to send someone for it tomorrow.
3. Tell everyone to bring $7 to cover food and such.
4. Clean my living area.
5. Try to get clearance for network and computer stuff in great room.
6. Set up play areas, either in great room or downstairs.
7. Get soda. Anyone willing to bring some? Please? Dr. Pepper (in 12-packs) is popular.
8. Do a HL test run on my PC.
9. Double-check that the area of the server with HL updates will be open.
10. Make sure everyone knows how to get to my house. For my address, see below.
11. Maybe I'd better get some chips.
12. Dig out some holiday-appropriate movies to have ready should the need strike.
13. Arrange pickup of food. I may have to offer Julianne free dinner.

There is almost certainly more that I'm forgetting.

The party will be at the following address: 2770 N. 1775 E. Layton.

And here are about 3,000 other people offering their home addresses to the world.

My digits: 940-1506. If you don't know the area code, you probably shouldn't call.

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