Friday, October 01, 2004

Are You Lost?

I'll bet you double-checked your address bar when the page loaded.

Eric pointed out that new templates are available, so I loaded one. Now I'm going to have to re-construct the link bar.

Oh just knew I couldn't have a nice, new, shiny m205 for long without getting invasive all over it. Last night I ripped the anti-glare coating/sticker right off the screen.

I'd seen other m20x owners talk about the coating in Tablet forums, but I had forgot about it for a while. Yesterday I noticed that I could peel back the coating, and when I got home I went ahead and ripped it off. I had to spend a while with my bottle of lighter fluid and a towel removing adhesive junk, but now it's all good.

This screen is gorgeous. The anti-glare sticker they had on there was damned near opaque, and the pure, glowing, shiny-ness of the LCD has me ecstatic. It's beautiful.

Leon's Tablet has been sitting in a box for nearly a week now. I got an RMA on it, and UPS brought out a box. I packed it up and sent it to work with Crystal. They have UPS visit just about every day, so when I need something to go out, I just have them send it. Well, UPS hasn't been there this week.

So today, I'm hedging my bet. I called UPS and scheduled a pick up at the Clinic so that whatever happens, the box will go out today. Sorry, Leon.

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Eric said...

Sorry, I forgot to remind you to back up the old template before adding a new one.

Live and learn.