Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Splinter Of My Discontent

(Order and credit card details withheld in post.)

Folks at Acronis-

I bought DiskDirector Suite for my in-house media server running Windows Server 2003. Your website claims that DiskDirector is compatible with 2003, and my license for Partition Magic won't run on Server 2003...they want me to buy a Server Magic license.

I installed DiskDirector on my server with a fully stable configuration, and changed the c: drive's drive letter to d: and vice-versa. Essentially, I switched the drive letters of c: and d:.

The program rebooted the system twice, and then I was given the "Press Ctl-Alt-Del to log on screen. I logged on, and just as the server was logging me on, it logged me back off in the same operation. This happened on both my user accounts and on all administrator accounts, and it also happened when the server was remotely accessed. It allows log on, and then immediately logs the user back off, so the user never even sees a desktop.

This is unacceptable. I'll have to do a fresh install of Windows Server 2003 and re-configure all shares and user accounts. More details of the trouble I've gone to with this problem can be found at my blog, here: http://phischkneght.blogspot.com/

Please process a refund for my purchase of DiskDirector. If you do not reply and process the refund in a timely manner, I'll simply dispute the charge (received product broken) for DiskDirector with my credit card company.

Jake Wilcox.

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Anonymous said...


This problem is related to the functionality of Windows that can't boot if the letter of system partition is changed. Acronis Disk Director Sute did its work perfect. It did change the letters of the partition and then Windows 2003 Server wasn't able to boot properly. I would like to emphasize that this problem is not related to Acronis software, but rather to the way how Windows OS operates and to the limitations of assigning the letter to the system partition.

Acronis Support Team.