Saturday, October 02, 2004

Happy Birthday to Us

Today is birthday for both me and my wife. People, when hearing that we share a birthday, think that now I won’t forget her birthday. This year they were almost right. I got her a present a month ago, but this morning, it took an hour or so for me to remember that it was her birthday, or mine too. She had forgotten all together.

We’re getting a present together for us to share. We’re getting a GPS. It’s something from my long-time wish list, but after a recent hiking excursion in Logan Canyon, aided by GPS and with geocaching sidetrips, she became converted. Alas, we procrastinated ordering, so we probably won’t have it for a week or more.

There's a lot going on this weekend, all centering around our birthdays and the semiannual broadcast of General Conference. I wish that I could have a quieter birthday, but this is probably symptomatic of the increasing level of business in my life that has come with age and (presumably) maturity.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, me ducky.

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Leon Walker said...

happy bithday Eric i am wishing you and your wife the best life has to offer. Please remeber to have fun least life become anoying.