Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Video is trying to kill the gamer in me.

Well it is time once again to make my post for this week.
One good thing this week is that I bought a copy of splinter cell yesterday. It looks to be a great game. The down side is that I can’t play it because my video card does not support pixel shading. Every thing else about the card is great and passes the tests. Also I found that the game does not support my video card even though they had new drivers for it on the disk. This now means that I am in the market for a new video card. So I spent some time at both ATI’s and NVIDIA’s web sites. Wow, am I really getting that far behind? Here are the links:

If you go to NVIDIA’s site it works better with IE than with firefox. Both of these companies are doing some amazing stuff. I was thinking that I would go with an NVIDIA geforce 6800, an ATI 9800XT or the X800 platinum. I am leaning mostly to an ATI 9800XT it’s a great card a third generation witch is saying something in video cards. Though after doing some more surfing I have found that there are a lot more complaints about compatibility from ATI products then there are with NVIDIA when dealing with windows boxes. This bothers me because 1) I have a windows box. 2) I hate dinking around with things just to get them to work. I maybe good at it but I don’t like it. In defense of ATI and the new X800 when it works it out performs the 6800 hands down. But I have always been a fan of NVIDIA I currently run a GeForce 4 MX 440 64 MB and it has kept me playing any game I wanted for almost three years. Well now you begin to understand what I have been pondering and why. Oh for the benefit of others I refuse to upgrade anything until half-life 2 is released and I know the specs. Hopefully that last line will save me some harassment.

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