Tuesday, May 11, 2004

It is always nice to say I told you so. Or is it?

Yesterday I sat down with my dad and worked the “family” computer over getting it prepared for a back up, nuke, and upgrade. What brought this on? Well a lot a things put together but most of all negligence. What happens when you don’t update your virus checker? You get viruses. What happens when you don’t run your virus checker? Viruses run you. (Or at least your computer.) What happens when you don’t watch what the kids install on the computer? You end up with a bunch of crap that never gets used and takes up valuable memory and bogs down the processor. So all together, negligence. I spent two hours cleaning up this system getting rid of all the nonessential information and stuff that can be reinstalled by disks. Two hours!!! What ever happened to maintaining your systems? This dose not include the backup or the nuke or the upgrade. Ok I feel better now.

I can tell you it does feel good to wipe out all the video games and their save files before letting my siblings run their backups. But you must find comfort where you can. Not all the family has their files saved yet so I think tomorrow will be the day to nuke the monstrosity.

I also worked on my fathers PC and it is working well now. It was going to be a nuke and load as well but after removing a lot of crap it just started working well again. Well duh! Of course it is but since I did not remove the programs he really likes to use he is procrastinating letting me complete the job. Witch in the end will only make it worse. Another I told you so for the future.

Thanks to a good friend I have SP one and two for windows on CD and that will save me all kinds of time later.

Now I did have a good time Saturday, playing laser tag with Jake, when I did not have second place his sister did. Credit where credit is due. This means that either his sister is a good shot and player, or I got beat out by a girl. I prefer the first one.

I could tell you about the problems at work but not many care about a small dairy department in a small store in a small town, except me. So farewell and don’t forget to maintain your systems least the gods of technology frown on you and make your life a living ______.

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