Sunday, May 23, 2004

/Strike *Off*

What do you know, it worked!

So I've got a lot of catching up to do.

First, I had a high-end FM modulator installed in my car. It works far better than the other two ever did, and it cost about four times as much as one and about six times as much as the other. But it works well.

Leon was extremely kind to stay by my side while the guys at the car audio shop tore into my 2003 Accord and nearly broke damned near everything therein.

Here's the thing; I LOVE my car. I mean, I love my wife and my kids more than anything ever.

But my car holds a separate partition of love for its own in the hard drive of my heart, and let me tell you, I am thoroughly taken with that thing. So watching the stupid car audio guy rip the dash to peices was TORTURE. Just ask Leon. Really, it was scary for a minute or two there. But we got through it, and the car is ok.

Next, the digitizer in my Tablet started to go out again, and they left dust between the digitizer and the LCD last time they fixed it. So Toshiba has it again. I also told them to replace the LCD (because of a few dead pixels) and update the BIOS for me. So hopefully they'll do it right this time.

Eric has a cell phone! I've been nagging him to get a cell phone for years now, and he finally did it. He called me yesterday, all happy and beaming through the repeaters between where he was and I was. Congrats Eric, on your new cell phone. I guess your next acquisition will be a laptop? AlienWare has some nice models.

Maybe that should be a new paragraph: Alienware has some nice models. I went on the Alienware website a while back and specced out my dream laptop. It came to over 8,000 bucks. So much for that. Besides, I'm too endeared of my Tablet to take any portable system that isn't a Tablet seriously.

I was going to use some space talking about my math professor, but I find that I just don't care enough. Maybe later.

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