Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Unkept Insinuations

Last night there was thunder for a brief period. It was a welcome harbinger in the heat of the nearly-summer night. But there was no follow-up of rain, or even more thunder to enjoy on its own. Just a few booms over the course of five minutes or so. Then nothing.

So I was left to add thirty albums to my server's audio collection with the fan droning in the background. It was one of the more dreary music work sessions I've had in a while. But I'm glad it's done. A little over 2GB of music from the thirty albums (comprised of roughly 35 CDs) is a nice little addition. And have I mentioned this? CDs at D.I. (and most other second-hand routes, for that matter) are one of the best music deals running, if you care a whit about legality. License to a full album for $2.00 a pop. Forever. Unlimited burning. Unlimited playlists. Unencumbered, plain vanilla, good old-fashioned, MP3. What's not to love? Go on, tell me.

Now hear this...Ten days. From right now, and only nine if we decide to go overnight and begin on the 24th. That's the kind of time we have left, and with only about 5% of the work done so far.

Leon, it's at your house, and you're the boss. I imagine that you can demand just about anything you like from Eric, Krys, and myself in order to get it all together. Do so. Soon. You know how I worry when deadlines begin to loom.

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