Monday, June 13, 2005

Accidentally Untitled (But now fixed) (And in the wrong blog! Also now fixed)

Last night (or early this morning, rather) I dreamt that Hugh Hefner (yes, that Hugh Hefner) was running for class president at a high school and I supported his run. No, he did not attend the high school. Yes, he was his real current age. No, there were not any bunnies present (unfortunately?). I don't know why I supported his run, but I thought it was a terrific idea at the time.

Oh, and dream number two was a roller coaster shaped like the graph of a mathematical equation that double-curved in on itself in such a way that the combination of speed and gravity killed the riders on the first run. It looked neat, though.

I think my brain is bored. I hope that planning and executing the upcoming LAN party will be sufficient stimulation for a little while.

I've been working really hard at understanding Windows installs. I've slipstreamed the latest service packs into all of my Windows install discs, and I'm working on pre-configuring my OS preferences, pre-integrating drivers and even activations into the installs, and testing with Virtual PC 2004. It's fascinating, but only to the reasoning side of my brain.

Likewise with all the other geeky pursuits I'm into. So the upcoming LAN party will be good for me.

Oh, and I REALLY NEED TO KNOW...LAN Party Disc or no? If yes, I need to get right to work on it.

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