Wednesday, June 08, 2005

LAN Party, Other Stuff

I had lunch with Jeff yesterday. At Garcia's. On him. I'm pretty sure that's a first. Thanks again for lunch, Jeff.

Jeff has a good idea for the LAN party: Why not make it all night? Some random related ideas follow:
  1. Gonna be a challenge to get the head Walkers to give the go-ahead.
  2. Darken the library for fried players to relax before going back to fragging.
  3. Set up a tent or two in the back yard, encourage players to bring a sleeping bag in case they decide to zonk.
  4. Will probably raise the cover a bit, as more food/drinks will be required.
  5. We'll need to figure out what extra food/drinks will be appropriate/appreciated.
  6. We need to make sure that our late-night activities have a minimal impact on people who wish to sleep (neighbors, parents, siblings, cops).
  7. Would have to re-arrange party date to June 24-25 so as not to run into Sunday.
  8. Fireworks? (Unlikely; the Walker higher-ups are anti-firework, and we're missing the legal time frame by at least a week.)
  9. Have a relaxing activity the next morning to help along everyone's recovery.
None of those things are hard ideas, I just wanted to put them somewhere for later reference. In fact, #2 and #3 sort of conflict logically. No matter. They're just ideas. It may be that we decide that going all night is too much work. Or too much work for now, save for another party.

I'd like to have a good variety of things to do at the party. Half-Life is great, but even Krys will get fragged out eventually. I really liked the few rounds of MCM2 we had at the last party. That was fun.

Maybe we should set up a PC for Mortal Kombat? We've got an emulator, and we've got controllers. We could even feed it out to a TV for the bigger screen. Hmmm.

Ditto for StarFox 64. I've been enjoying the various battle modes on StarFox with Leon and Jeff. Any takers?

Anything else? LAN Monopoly? Anyone know of a good head-to-head Tetris program? I used to LOVE the head-to-head Tetris on GameBoy. I suppose two-player Dr. Mario could do in a pinch.

Do enough people have HL2 that we'd want to do an HL2 Death Match? I would probably be out of this, because I'll be gaming on my Tablet, and a 1.5 Ghz Centrino is respectable in laptop circles, but it and my Nvidia 32 MB of Vid memory just won't cut HL2 without some real sacrificing.

Finally, should we make another LAN party CD? Did anyone find it useful last time? Should we make it a DVD and fill it up with some k1ck455 MP3s? I think that having a disc for the party is nice for getting out patches and such, but then we could also just set up a share on someone's box and call it good.

Talk to me, people. If you're not a Phischkneght member, go ahead and post a comment. I'll be watching.

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Eric said...

What the freak, Jake, have you gone L337?

About a year ago, I would have jumped at the all night LAN party idea, but I've somehow lost that part of me that never slept, bartered for a spot in the 9-5 rat race. I'd probably be willing to try a really late party, but I'd likely crash by 2 or 3 at the latest. It's still a cool idea, just one that I'll have hard time executing.

Do we want to have pot luck snack/drink assignments? We've tried that in the past.