Friday, June 17, 2005

More LAN Party Stuff

I can bring a switch and at least a few cables, but I will probably not be getting to the party until later. I will be traveling this coming week, and Friday morning, I’ll be waking up in Florida (Central Time, at least, so that it’s only a one hour jet lag thing). I’ll have to work out details with my secretary, but I will probably have other commitments to take care of after I get back in town before I can come play. I also rarely make it up past 2 a.m. these days, so even if I sleep on the plane (which doesn’t happen that often), I’ll likely not be at my sharpest during the gaming.

All that aside, I think that an all night LAN party is a cool idea, but, as Darth Vader once said, “It’s too late for me, son.” I’ll do what I can to help make it work. Is there anything else I should bring? Money? Food? Goats?

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