Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hear ye hear ye the party is come.

On speaking with my parents an all nighter from Fri. to Sat. is approved. I would like it to start no earlier than 4:00 pm Fri. I still have work that day and ill need time to set up. Dinner should start around 5:30 – 6:00 I will take on my self the burden of the initial payment of food and it sounds like that will be Garcia’s. Gary I want to send you for the pick up again. If there are any special requests let me know. I will not be providing breakfast unless we agree to increase the cover. Milk ain’t cheep.

As for games personally I like:

1) Half-Life

2) MCM2

3) Mortal Kombat

4) Mario Cart.

5) N64 Games

As for equipment ill need 2 more switches and extra network cables. I lost some cables at the last party so my stock is limited. Krys and Eric I would like you to cover the switches if you can if not let me know. I will also need a list of attendees by Wed. So I know how much food to get. Jake I need you to bring over controllers and games for the 64 also I would like you to keep track of the guest list. And I think we will need to have lunch at Garcia’s to hammer out the finial details.

For a LAN-party disk I am going to vote against but I do like the idea of making a utilities folder available over the network. You will not have internet access here so update and scan you computers before arrival. Head-phones are mandatory to keep the neighbors happy and to help provide a better social atmosphere. If there are any questions or concerns or people you want to invite PLZ let us know promptly. And finally thanks for all your help and support for making this happen.


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Gary said...

I'll be coming down Thursday night. Pickup for dinner is fine. I would also like to know any cover cost. Gary