Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Updates to Current



The new m205 is here, and fully functional. The higher resolution display is very nice. Very nice indeed. The resolution of the 3500 was never a problem to me, but the difference is notable.


The DVD-ROM/CD-RW for the m205 arrived today, and all is well there.


Sandy called me from her home to say that her PC wasn’t working again. I went over, looked at it sternly, and it suddenly started working. It wanted to be booted into Safe Mode and then left for a minute or two in order to load whatever new driver it didn’t like—probably the monitor—and then rebooted. Windows!


I’m glad I went, because her cable modem needed a driver and she had no idea what to do about it. I had her find the box the modem came in for me. There was a CD inside the box, and there were no more problems.


Leon’s PC will begin its journey tomorrow to some eastern state (seems like North Carolina) and spend a day or two in a UPS facility where UPS employees are paid to fix Toshiba computers. It just needs a new keyboard thrown on. It’s not too challenging, but when a company proudly trumpets its trademark color as brown, and they want to fix your computer, well, brown things come to mind.


To be fair, I didn’t decide that I don’t like UPS’s service before they served me. That tablet has been to them something like six times now, with mixed results at best. Toshiba, are you listening?




It’s getting that time again…if you’ve been to one of my LAN parties before, please plan on attending the upcoming event on 29 October, this very year. That’s a Friday.


Now, here’s the deal…usually we plan on food for the party. I’ve asked in the past that everyone bring a few bucks to pull their weight, but that only works so-so.


So here’s what I’m thinking. Leon and I had lunch at a delicious Chinese place yesterday. I wondered if we should order in Chinese for the party. Leon pointed out that Chinese food isn’t really compatible with carrying to your PC and setting it down while you play. Then we both hit the idea that it might be nice just to sit and eat dinner with everyone, rather than stress about playing games the entire time. That way we can get to know one another a little and see each other’s faces.


I know some of you aren’t that fond of Chinese, and that’s fine, because it can be worked around. But think it out and let Leon or I know what you think, and plan on bringing 7 to 8 dollars for your meal, which we’ll order once everyone has had a chance to look at the menu. Then we’ll send someone to the Chinese place to pick it up, because they’ll make your food to go, but they won’t deliver it.


Also, Half-Life is great and I definitely want to play it at our party, but let’s plan on another game, too. I’m open to suggestions. Motocross is a good option, as is Need for Speed. Let’s toss around ideas and see what we all like. We need new game blood.


As you can see, my PC work bench has been clearing up quite a bit, but I still have one major project that needs lots more work…the server. It isn’t hard, it just takes time and I need to do it.


I’m in Enviro now and I should start paying attention.


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