Friday, September 24, 2004

Hmph. HP's mother wears army boots. (That's you, Carleton.)

Jeez, would you believe this? You'd think an Intel board would have an up-to-snuff BIOS, for gosh sakes, but nay. Actually, I think the Western Digital drive is at fault. But that’s not like them. All of my WD drives have been great.

Sandy's hard drive wants to be jumpered as Cable Select, alone on the cable, and on the middle connector on the cable, NOT the end one.

And yes, I did try more than one cable. And yes, I do know how to properly jumper a bootable hard drive (Primary Master, set Active), which is why I didn't try this solution days ago.

And guess what else? When the hard drive is alone on the cable, and jumpered Cable Select, and on the middle connecter, the hard drive access light magically comes to life!

Turns out I really did rewire all the front panel headers right, it's just a wonky drive setup. WONKY!

I have AGONIZED over this system. And it's a stupid drive/cable/jumper quirk. I'm glad to be washing my hands of it. I'm also back firmly in my anti HP/Compaq foxhole. Their product AND service in Sandy’s case have been, simply put, horrible. I will never give them money. I was half-way tempted to buy an iPaq a while back. Now, never. No laptops, desktops, tablets, media centers, pocket pcs, servers, or peripherals from the Fiorina conglomerate for me. Too much badness in five years.

So listen. I really think we should all post an introduction. For Dave’s sake, yes, but also just so we all know what everyone is up to.

For privacy’s sake, no last names, addresses or phone numbers. Remember, this stuff is publicly available on the intarweb.

Do say what you’re currently working on, though, what your family is like, what sort of toy is at the top of your Santa list, and, oh, how about an experience about you that’s telling. Yeah.

And please, Eric and Leon, no stories that the three of us already know. This way we’ll all get some new information, and the four of us will be clear on who’s who. M’kay?

My next post will be my contribution (and probably my third post today).

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