Friday, September 24, 2004

Status Report

Ok, that was quick.
Both Leon and Eric have piped up in comments to welcome Dave. I've sent an invitation to Dave, so hopefully we'll be seeing him around soon and hearing what he has to say.
Additionally, I'm now attempting to post in a different way. I usually log on to Blogger and then compose my post on the Compose page, but now I'm trying to email a post.
This means that it will be easier for me to format my posts, like THIS.
I hope that worked. There's a bold, underlined, italicized, green word in that last sentence. If it isn't there, then something went wrong.
So I worked on computers all night. The new Tablet has a bad keyboard. The letter "S" sticks, and either types hundreds of the character per minute, or doesn't type "S" at all, not even intentionally. Unfortunately, the stick is in the circuitry, and not in the button itself, so it's beyond my technical prowess to fix. Good thing it's still under warranty.
The old and new Tablets use nearly identical keyboards, so I've just been swapping the good one back and forth, depending on which system I need to use.
A new, virgin copy of Windows XP Tablet is on the new Tablet. Like the more expensive olive oil, though, it's extra virgin, and it will take a lot of work before it's up to my usability standards. Like a new keyboard.
Toshiba forgot to package my DVD-ROM drive with the new Tablet, and I'm currently working on getting one sent. Apparently, they've been forgetting that with all the refurbished m205's, so I'm not the only customer with the problem, and the retailer actually called me about it before I called them. Impressive.
Sandy's processor did come yesterday, but now the system is having funky drive problems. I've been working hard on it, but so far the answer to this one is eluding me. There don't appear to be motherboard drive controller problems, jumper problems, ATA cable problems, or a host of others, and yet the error is still manifesting itself in a lot of different ways.
It's been a stressful week. I think I need to have Leon over this weekend to help me relax.

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