Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bring em on.

Well things have been going so well with my dad’s two desktop computers since they were cleaned up that he decided to have me do his laptop as well. Of course I had to complain it makes it seem like they are getting more that they asked for when you are done witch makes their appreciation about equal to the effort you put into the job.

Well this job started Friday night I thought I would just do a ghost back up and then hit all the hard stuff tomorrow. Well the backup process crashed about half way through and I don’t work well when I am tired so I just let it go until morning. So I woke up at 8:00 am after sleeping in for four hours. Had breakfast and jumped right back into the battle with this machine. This time I got rid of all the unnecessary file and programs ran the virus checker and reg-cleaner and ad-aware. Then I did the scan disk and defragmenter, and this time the ghost back up worked flawlessly. When I looked at the clock I realized that wow it’s lunchtime already. So I took a break for a half hour and then I got right back at it. This time it was partition magic’s turn and I found that there was half a gig in a partition that was not even formatted to be used, just one more thing that I fixed. Then came the exciting part of installing Windows ME, and all the drivers for the hardware and all the extra software that he wanted on the unit. Of course it had to be limited a bit because I had another ghost to do later and I did not want to have a lot crap that he did not need on it. Well once all the software was installed I ran the virus checker, reg-cleaner, and ad-aware once more to clean things up. Then with a finial scan disk and defrag it was ready for the final ghost. Jake has made me a firm believer in a fresh install back up. Its great because if anything goes horribly wrong you can be right back to the beginning with minimal effort. Finally I cleaned the case screen and key board to make it look good again and now I am done again and it is 5:00 pm on Saturday.

Hopefully this will be it for a while since all my parents’ computers have done. And I refuse to do the ones at their work; they have people who are paid to do that. I was thinking that I could get out of doing dishes and chores for a month as payment but we will see how that goes.

next time "the credit card".

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