Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Stop everything.

Yes I have been taking a break and enjoying what life has to offer me. But one thing that I did not enjoy recently is what the “bank did for me”. A little while ago I went in to my bank and requested a new debit card to replace the one I had, which was cracking. So I went home thinking that everything was going to be great and that I would have new cards in a few days. Well I went on a few dates still using my old card and the day after my last one my new cards came they even had a pretty back ground on them. Well the first time I try to use one it dose not work. And yes I did activate it. So I thought ok maybe things are slow so ill try tomorrow. The next day it still did not work .now my anger is getting to me. So I go back to my bank and ask them what is going on. I was nice to the guy I talked to because it was not his fault and people seem to forget that sometimes. And because I was so kind he did some checks and found out that my card had been reported as stolen. That urge to yell washed over me again but I let it pass and asked him who had done that and he told me that it was either me my or my father. Since I knew it was not me and I immediately called my dad and asked him and he said it was not him. So we did more checking and it came to another branch somewhere that had called it in. I and the guy at the bank think that some moron at this branch mis-keyed a account number and changed it to my account number so my stuff was reported as stolen not the person who actually had theirs stolen. Well a few days later I had a new set of cards and a new pin number and a couple of letters saying that I had used my card on such and such days conveniently the day I was out with a date and showed the sums for dinner and the other activities. They were so close to rejecting my card on those days luckily I got by. Now all is working again. And every now and again I wonder if they ever fixed the problem for the other guy who actually lost his cards.

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