Thursday, March 10, 2005

Man, that Librarian's a Bitch

Hopefully you'll excuse my language throughout this post, but I'm a little pissed today. Besides, not only have I been saying that the librarian is a bitch for 2 years, but I think Jake can back me up on it. The librarian at DHS is a bitch. Want to know why I'm choosing to slanderize a faculty member today? Okay, I'll tell you.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've been working on an entrepreneurial project for some months now. Tying it in with my entrepreneurship class was a no-brainer. Now, the server I operate off of does not allow for the design or content freedom I want. So I started a blog. After reminding my associates (for lack of that better term which currently escapes me) to join at least once a week for about a month, I was annoyed that only I and one other had actually joined. So today I took it upon myself during our meeting to make sure that everyone would be a member by the end of the day. Heading down to the local school library, I, Andy (Leon's brother) and one other associate headed down to the school library. Now, I had reminded everyone yesterday to bring their ID cards so that they could use the computers, So naturally, I expected everyone to have ID cards. Andy came through for me, but Andrew (my other associate) did not. OK, well, we wouldn't be long, and, I reasoned, if it causes a problem, I'll explain that it's for a class (which it is). If that doesn't work, I can take over for him.

So, we quietly sit down, and while I work out some some previously unassesed email problems, the librarian comes over and starts quizing us on what the hell we think we're doing in her library using her computers.

"Is this school work?"
"Yes it's for entrepreneurship. These guys are with me."
"Do you have ID cards?"
"All except my pal here."
"Well, he can't use the computer if he doesn't have a card. Whose is that?"
"Is this school work?"
"Yes. It's for entrepreneurship. Mr. McCauley, period 8."

So after that scintilating conversation, she leaves and we continue, Andrew giving me instructions, only touching the keyboard to fill out his own personal information which, out of coustesy and habit, I don't ask him for, instead letting him enter it himself, as I said. As we get Andrew into the "Create you Account" area of, and Andrew is filling out his username and password, the librarian comes over and tells us to log out. Asking her why, I get the generic "he can't use the computer without an ID" Explaining that he was merely filling out his personal info, we get told to log out, and calmly do so.

It isn't until later that I find out that Andy and I are both kicked off the server and no longer have use of school computers. Okay, I can handle a little bureaucracy. I just need to talk to a counselor and explain the situation, tell them it was a misunderstanding and maybe fill out a form saying it won't happen again. BUT THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE! Not only were given no notification that we were booted, but Andy was also booted. I'm all for doing a job and doing it well, but that's a little overzealous, don't you think? Sure, she took advantage of what little opportunity she had to boot me (and I've done much worse things than helping a friend sign up to be a blogger). Fine. But there was absolutely no reason to boot Andy too. The only thing he was guilty of was being complacent and following rules.

Sorry I've been long winded but it feels good to vent that anger. Hopefully I can put the bitch in her place by bringing to light what she did to an innocent student. I hate to see such injustice go unavenged.

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