Thursday, March 03, 2005

Correction and Observation

For the record, I missed the WEA blog, which I have only visited once. I faithfully try to read everything else by Phischkneght contributors (Phischkneght, The Garden (yeah, I know that I’m the only one who writes in it, but theoretically people might leave me comments), PhischX, and now Confessions). Anyway, if I've inspired Jake to write something, then we're all better for it.

I’m running on 1-2 hours of sleep, due to my typical read myself to sleep method backfiring terribly on me. Dan Brown’s books are fairly ridiculous and choppy, but they can be engaging none the less. I really should turn off my brain when reading them though. For example: an antimatter containment canister uses some very powerful electromagnets, and while its location is unknown (within a few square miles), it is visible through a wireless camera that is part of the area’s formal surveillance equipment. Do you try to find it by: A) triangulating on wireless camera signals, B) searching for powerful magnetic fields, or C) looking for the faint energy signals from the batteries in the cannister. If you answered A or B, then you are thinking along the right track. If you answered C, you must be writing an overly abrupt book full of artificially exaggerated peril.

If your blog entries are pointless and rambling, you might be sleep deprived, although other entries demonstrate that I’m capable of incoherence without fatigue.

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