Sunday, March 20, 2005

It’s getting a bit Linky

This weekend, I finally tried out (or rather, I finally got to work, although I think I was installing it wrong before) a new Mozilla extension called Linky. I’ve got to tell you, it’s fantastic. It allows you to select multiple links on a page and open them all at once in separate tabs or in separate windows. It works in both Firefox (the standalone browser) or in the bulkier Mozilla package (which differs only slightly from the latest versions of Netscape, mostly in terms of association with AOL).

The verdict: I love it. Now, instead of slowly wading through links that I want to browse, I can just select a whole page of them and open them all in one fell swoop. How did I ever live without them.

I also discovered why downloading things took so long. It turned out that I had 4 MB of completed downloads still loaded into my download manager. After a quick purge (after several times locking up the program trying to purge through proper channels), things are running smoothly again, and my love of all things Mozilla is renewed.

(Note: for the latest version of Linky, go to the developer's site. If you download from the Mozilla site, you'll have to update again soon after.)

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