Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Random Post, Random Day

Amazon wants to know what I think. So I told them. Here's my note to them:

Seems that the deals on Gold Box aren't as good as they used to be. A lot of the stuff in there lately is over-priced even after the Gold Box coupon.

Cater to my tastes a little more. You know that I'm an electronics junkie. Why do you show me kitchen junk?

I'm far more likely to buy a spindle of blank DVDs than the first season of "Friends." If it's a good deal.

Your competition is spanking you on price these days.

Tech-savvy users know what Froogle is. Do you?

Your price on an iRiver iHP-140 MP3 player is 399.94. Comp-U-Plus sold it to me for $351 and Fedexed it to me for $1. Here's a link:


I don't even check you guys first anymore. I hope you get better.

I dunno, was that too harsh?

Yesterday was both my first day back at school (as a Sophomore now, thank you) and my first day on the job at the Davis Computer Lab. It was a seventeen hour day. I'm used to having a little more time to myself than that, but this should be good for me. If I can manage to get into some of the same habits I had three semesters ago, maybe I can start carrying even more credits. Or maybe not.

Here's what I love about sitting at a computer at the WSU Information Commons. Girls. I love girls.

When a pretty one sits at a computer in front of me, I can stare all I want, because she's looking at the computer screen, not me. I'd have to burst into flames, run, and scream for her to notice.

And I love to watch girls. I don't think it makes me dirty, any more than loving to see a brown trout flashing in the sunlight just above the river water does. Although it is a different kind of beauty.

It's not like I'd ever do anything about it anyway, for several extremely compelling reasons. For one thing, I love my wife. She isn't just pretty, and she isn't just a friend. Crystal is part of me, and beautiful to boot.

Now, I'm sure the pretty blonde in front of me is a really nice girl. But pursuing her would mean death to so many good things in my life that it's not even tempting. This is why I believe that people who cheat are not only inviting unhappiness into their lives, but are already plenty unhappy. Or extraordinarily stupid. Pick one.

Aw, no more solitaire? Bye. No more like that in immediate view. Maybe I should have burst into flames.

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