Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hello Vacation!

I'm in Park City, on a pirated net connection. Fun, yes?

Leon is sitting next to me with my Dell laptop, and I'm on the Tablet.

I've really got to say...we came out here only yesterday. We're at the WSU 2004 Academy of Leadership. And what I have to say is that even though we've only been here just over a day, we're having a hell of a time. In a good way.

The drive out was heavenly. I listened to my mp3 player, the morning was cool, and I navigated us right to our hotel. Flawless.

Leon and I were unpacking and he managed to lock his keys in his car...with it running. Leon made a call and two hours later, Gary was here with a spare key. The experience was a little scary, but it ended well.

Gary earned huge brownie points in the fiasco. Thank you, Gary. We were screwed, you saved us.

These leadership-type conferences can be hugely boring if not done properly, or even worse than boring, but this one has been good.

Last night, they finally let us out at around nine, so Leon and I went to Park City's Main Street to see what was going on. Not much. It's the off-season, and it was too late for anything but restaurants to be open.

What we did find open is a sushi bar called the Flying Sumo. Yum.

We ordered our sushi right away, and then waited over an hour for it. The wait staff were excellent though, gave us a free appetizer while waiting, and after sushi, gave us free desserts. I tipped about 75%. They deserved it.

And yes, the sushi was delicious. Outstanding.

The free appetizer they brought us is called edamame, I think. It's pronounced ehddamahmay. If anyone knows the proper spelling, let me know. Basically, it was soybeans, still in the shells, salted. My first, and very good. And the sushi was incredible.

The hotel we're at, Yarrow Inn, is a reasonably nice place. I called before we came out and verified that they have net access, both wired and wireless. What they neglected to tell me is that you have to pay $7 a day for it. Not cool, folks, especially for just a DSL that the whole hotel shares. For $7 a day, I expect a T1.

So a guy in my group coughed up the $7, and now three of us are sharing his password. Thank God.

This meeting's over. I have to post.

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