Monday, August 02, 2004

So Sorry

I haven't posted in a little bit. I think my last post was a month ago yesterday.

Here's a rundown of some recent happenings:

It's finals week for me in summer semester.
My Archos mp3 player was stolen at school.
Money is getting tight and I have to sell my car.
I bought a new mp3 player.
I had a small LAN party with Eric and Leon.
Some other stuff.

I've been pretty busy. I'm supposed to be writing an English final right now. It's due tomorrow, and I've written about five sentences. Oh boy. I feel a late night coming on.

I started writing a post a couple of weeks ago. I do want to finish it and post it, but it's pretty long and I don't know if it will hold the attention of anyone but me long enough to read it.

I am alive. Really, I am. I will post again. The real question is if Leon will post again.

Gotta go.

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