Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Wow, that was fun!
I've decided that I need to feed this blog more often, and with some of my more controversial ideas.
I need to clear a couple of things up:
1. I know that Win98 is horribly outdated. But so what? With a good firewall/antivirus team and regular updates (supplied, as I said before, by a worldwide geek elite community), this is not a problem.
2. Hey, you guys who think I'm a Win98 fanboy: Were you listening at all? AT ALL? Do I look like I'm running a scaled-down $100 system designed for a third-worlder? No. My desktop runs WinXP Pro, my server runs Windows Server 2003, my other desktop runs Fedora, and my main computer is a Tablet PC. Yes, just like Scoble's.
3. And ditto to the guys who think I hate Linux. Listening? No. Linux is great! I love Linux! But Linux does not have the market penetration that Windows, even Windows 98 does. And I've got more news for you...these people who are using Win98 right now? They're not your target market, guys. They've got no interest at all in learning a new OS, because either they're comfortable with Windows already, or they find it mystifying enough without bringing in a whole new set of commands. Get real. These guys are not Linux bandwagon material. Or if they are, the distro will have to come from Michael Robertson (of Lindows/Linspire/mp3.com fame).
4. Windows XP Starter Edition for developing markets. Yeah, I know. But seriously now, put yourself in the shoes of the designer of the sub-$100 boxes that are meant to fill that market. Hmmmm, crippled Windows XP for $30 a license or full-on Linux for free? Once again, get real. If Microsoft wants real penetration in developing markets, it's free or nothing.
Now for you lovely folks that didn't read your own agendas and phobias into my proposal; pat yourselves on your collective backs and pay a visit to Tech Girl. Pretty cool little blog. Thanks for the comment, TG. Oh, I guess her blog is called Why Are You Reading This.
One last thing before I go to bed...you must check out Last.fm. Now. They give you your very own streaming radio station over there, and it doesn't suck. At all.
I discovered a neato trick with Last.fm today. If you have one PC connected to your stereo system, and another that you work from you can do what I tried; listen to the live .mp3 stream on the stereo-connected system, and control the feed from your portable in real time.
Go. See. Now. You'll like it.

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