Tuesday, February 08, 2005

...and cost him the use of his pants.

I have a few notes of business. Oblivious to my first anniversary as a blogger, I am posting to each of my blogs today. In the Garden of the Blind, you can find a review of a movie I saw recently, in Phischkneght Extended, I posted a lengthy introduction to geocaching, and here I am posting this (the reader is responsible for determining the theme of this entry).

For those who don’t live with me, I should note that I’ve been busy traveling a lot lately. I have logged 8659 miles flying on three different trips to Arizona, Washington D.C., and Florida. I even qualified for Silver Medallion status with Delta’s Sky Miles program. I was traveling for 17 days, but fortunately my wife was able to come along for 8 of them.

My other bit of news concerns her. When I hit the ground in Florida last week, I had a message on my phone where she announced that she must have a laptop for one of her classes that start next week. After a week of shopping, we settled on a Dell Inspiron 700m. We’re both excited to have a laptop join our family, and I’m excited that she gets her own computer. I’m determined not to shanghai it, but my resolution does get weak around laptops.

Finally, I wish a festive (Chinese) new year to all. Enjoy a prosperous year of the Rooster.

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John Mulholland said...

Do you like travelling? What interested things have you seen or done? I have never travelled other then to a job interview. When people from my group travelled to Russia they always took the Russian speaker. I don't really think that I will be travelling any time soon with my current job either. I guess that I am fortunate.