Saturday, February 12, 2005

Batman's a scientist

Jake wasn’t the first person I took geocaching, but his is the worst first trip I’ve ever been on. Fortunately, it gave us a chance to hang out together, which we haven’t done in far too long, and therefore the trip wasn’t a total loss. A summary of our exploits is in order.

We started out trying to find a cache that wasn’t too far away, and which just screamed out for us to find it. Its name is the Technocache, and its theme is computer components. We had some IDE cables and a PCI vid card for it, and so we set out with high hopes. We drove for many miles, and managed to drive within .2 miles of the cache, but not within half a mile of any of the waypoints on the cache page. Being unable to start looking for the cache, we gave up and went to lunch (Greek).

After lunch, we went to a park in search of two caches, one virtual and the other micro. The virtual was (of course) not at all hard to find. Jake wandered around looking for it for a while (because he didn’t know what he was looking for), but I thought it was okay because it gave him a chance to get a feel for his receiver. With air that felt far too cold, we set out in search of the micro.

We didn’t take all the available evidence into account, and ended up walking through some mud before we narrowed down our search to a small area. Unfortunately, we managed to eliminate all of the likely spots quickly, and nothing else turned up before we got cold. We ended the day 1 for 3, and that 1 was a virtual (which is always so easy to find). I wish we could have had a better first day of caching. Sorry Jake. Next time we’ll find some.

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