Tuesday, February 01, 2005

(New Feature!) Daily Update

Because if I can't post daily, then what the hell business do I have running a blog anyway?
(Please, please, Internets, do not answer that last question; it was rhetorical. Because we are living in a rhetorical world, and I am a rhetorical blogger.)
Leon was sick over the weekend, and he decided that he'd rather relax today than hang out. So Leon, here's to your recuperation: Hello Kitty Sushi. Oh, don't thank me. You already know you're welcome.
You are a technically oriented person, right? If no, what on earth are you doing here? Can't you see that we're an elitist bunch of snorting white guys?
What? That's not cool anymore? Damn.
Here's a quiz to test your geek cred a little. And, unlike most online quizzes, this one isn't totally inane and pointless. The questions are actually relevant. Want to see some sample NON questions? OK!
1. What's that sliding open thingy on the front of your computer (hint: it looks kind of like a cup holder)?
2. What does IDE stand for?
Once again, those were sample NON Questions. The quiz is nothing like that. It's relevant. And if you're wondering, it stands for "Integrated Drive Electronics."
And save yourself embarrassment: "CC" in an email context stands for Carbon Copy. "BCC" is its blind little brother.
Oh, one last thing about the tech quiz: Steve, the guy behind it, is cool. I sent him an email pointing out that a question about current vid cards should be PCI-E aware, and he was quick with a positive response. Way to build your whuffie, Steve.

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