Friday, May 19, 2006

Subtle Changes

So, you may have noticed that some things have changed a little.

First, the blog's name has changed slightly, as you can see above. As well as Phischkneght has served our group, I've set sights on bigger things. Bigger things means more people, and lots of people are intimidated by words they can't pronounce. Thus, the change to FishNet Tech. The URL to the blog will remain the same for now.

Also, we're limited as to what we can do with this web page. I'd like to have the ability to make commerce happen here, and as long as we're hosted by Google as a blog, that won't happen. And so, looking forward, I've bought Nothing is there yet, so don't bother clicking.

I have a grand vision for FishNet Tech, but not all the blanks are filled in yet, and it's too complex to state here anyway. Many of the chief players in this vision have already been spoken to, but if you feel you should be part of the vision, pull me aside and we'll talk.

Please note that none of this will happen overnight. You're not going to come to read a post next week and see a whole different page. And it's important to me that we maintain the same community attitude that we've fostered all along. So, please keep posting, keep commenting, and most of all, keep reading and referring your friends.

Last week I started running Google AdWords in the top bar on the blog. I got to choose the colors, and I tried to choose a color palette that wouldn't be annoying.

But I had a good laugh when I spotted this ad, right above my post bashing SCO:

So if you're having problems with SCO Unix, you poor sap, there's your ad.

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Jake said...

I wanted to make sure that no one would melt down over me changing things around a little. So for the record, here's my justification.

1. Eric. He founded this blog as a gift to me. He already had Garden Of The Blind, and he wanted to see me start writing online. I've spoken to Eric about this, and as far as he's concerned, it's my blog to do with what I like.

2. Sheer numbers. I'm glad that there are other members of this blog, and I'm very glad indeed that you post. I'm betting a little piece of the farm that you'll continue to do so. (So please do so!)

But the numbers speak loudly about who the big contributors are. I compiled the following when the blog had 200 posts:

001 Post: Gary
001 Post: Dave
003 Posts (One still a draft): Krys
015 Posts: Jeff
017 Posts: Leon
048 Posts: Eric
115 Posts: Jake

And now I'll be happy to field questions. Anyone?