Monday, May 15, 2006

Link Roundup #2

I really liked the last one. So here we go again!

TOWEL DAY IS NEXT WEEK. This May 25th is the five year anniversary if his death, so plan accordingly. I'll be getting my internets installed that day, so I'll likely have a bit of an audience for the affair, comprised of the Comcast installers and my in-laws.

This guy does Tesla Coils. Really, really big Tesla Coils. Lots of purple plasma ahead. My dad helped me build a Tesla Coil when I was in junior high. I think we should build another.

Are you confused about Net Neutrality? ASK A NINJA. Come on, like you know better than a ninja. I mean, he's a ninja, man.

And finally, a funny dance video. No, you'll like this. Really.


Jeff said...

Alright! I never could remember when Towel Day was, but you better believe I know where my towel is.

Don't Panic!

JoyousJulia said...

I still want that towel with "42" embroidered onto it.

JoyousJulia said...

OK, so the dancing guy was freakin' hilarious and that ninja totally knows where his towel is. "Girl at Hot Dog on a Stick..." Funny...