Sunday, May 14, 2006

Don't Ya Just Love a Good Sandwich?

Hi, I'm Julianne. I'm new. For those of you who may not know me or how I came to be a member of Phischkneght, I'm Krys' wife and Jake's little sister.

When Jake started the ROCI I really took an added interest in what was going on. I like when companys are good to me. All it takes is one bad experience to lose a customer for life.

I asked Jake if I could post so that I could talk about one of my favorite places to eat: Great Harvest Bread Company. I love the place. The Great Harvest on Harrison Blvd. is my favorite. Its conveniently located just half a block from Jamba Juice. What more could you ask for than a fruity pick-me-up and a warm slab of nice, fresh, hot-from-oven-bread?

Their customer service is fabulous. They're always glad to see me, even if its at 7:30 in the morning. The bread is always fantastic. (Krys goes in every Wednesday for the pumpkin bread with chocolate chips. I go on Fridays for the nine-grain.) Get this: they started making sandwiches.

I wasn't feeling well the other day and I sent Krys out for food. He came back with the most amazing roastbeef on wheat sandwich I have ever had. It was perfect. It was exactly the sort of sandwich I would make for myself if I had the stuff. The beef was tender, savory, and plentiful. The lettuce was crisp and fresh. The tomatos were just ripe enough, and they put on avacado spread. Yum. I felt a lot better after that sandwich.

We went back again not long after. We got soup. I love this about this company, if you get some of their very tasty soup, they'll give you a slab of fresh-baked bread to dip into your bowl.

The best thing about it? The cost. It only costs about $6 for the whole shebang. Trust me, its well worth it.


Jake said...

I don't go to Great Harvest much these days, but I was there about two weeks ago, and bought a couple of cinnamon rolls. They were good, but make with whole wheat flour, so filling also.

I'll be going to my local Great Harvest on Julianne's recommendation now, and I'll probably report back what I find.

I do like that Great Harvest is a local company, and that they've steadily expanded over the last 10 years or so, rather than the explosive growth (and implosive demise) we saw with TAC.

Thanks for the tip, Julianne, and I look forward to more posts from you!

Jake said...

Today I went to the Great Harvest on Antelope, and met Burke, the owner. He also owns the Main Street store.

He was very nice, and he told me about his upcoming trip to Afghanistan. I didn't get all the details, but it sounded like he and some other Army guys are helping Afghani troops learn military stuff right.

Anyway, we had a good chat, and he recommended the hot roast beef. His employees were very friendly, and the free slice of white bread they gave me was delicious.

And so was the roast beef. But next time, no peppers.

I've invited Burke to take a look around and to send me an email if he feels like saying anything.

Burke, my email address is:
slybevel *at* gmail *dot* com.

JoyousJulia said...

My favorite sandwich is roastbeef on nine-grain with mayo, avacodo spread, sprouts, cucumber, tomato, and lettuce. Yum-oh!