Thursday, September 01, 2005

RE: [Phischkneght Forum] The Next LAN Party(A Reply From Phoenix)

Well I am glad you are gung ho about a LAN party but until it is cleared on the house owner side you are SCREWED! I am not trying to be mean but you need permission from both my mother AND father for this type of thing to fly. Having my father next to me and saying this is the first he has heard of it is not a good indicator. After you get permission then start a guest list. Our family meetings occur every Sunday after dinner. Andrew needs to bring up the proposition then and make sure he has it cleared. We may or may not have something else planed as a family of just my parents but just expecting them to drop every thing and rearrange life to fit you is rude. Point 2 just who do you think this house network belongs to. I personally demand that some one asks to use my things before assuming they can and inviting others to do so. So until I hear otherwise this location and equipment have been DENIDED.

p.s. I like the idea of a LAN party but only if the proper channels are followed.

p.p.s I believe in repentance and forgiveness.

Leon Walker

V.P. of the W.F. Corporation.

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Gary said...

I would agree with Leon. Also, I work 14 hours on Saturdays. I won't be able to come. The best days for me are on holidays where schools out on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. I might be able to pull off Thursday too. My weekends are always booked.