Thursday, December 02, 2004

WEA Blog Update

WEA Leadership Members-
As you know, WEA now has a weblog. The link to the blog is: The weblog's purpose is to enable all of us to have written communication that is widely available to the entire group and to document our progress. An added benefit is that by reading each other's posts, we'll get to know each other better.
Soon each of you will be sent an invitation email to join the weblog. All you have to do to join the weblog (or "blog") is click the link in the invitation email and then enter in a few details about yourself on the web page that will open up. That's it. You're a member. Please click the invite link and become a member as soon as you receive the invite email...the link will expire after a few days.
There are a couple of tools on the weblog that can make using it easier to use. First, you don't have to log on to Blogger ( in order to post. You can go into your account settings once you join and create an email address that you can simply send your posts to, and they'll automatically be published to the blog.
Second, you don't have to check the blog all the time for new can have them automatically emailed to you if you choose. This is also done through your Blogger account settings when you're logged on.
Finally, if you use an RSS aggregator to gather your online reading materials, you can find an RSS feed link in the Blogger settings also.
To those of you shaking your heads and still not seeing the, well, you'll just have to trust me. But the following links may or may not help, if you've got a minute to glance at a couple.
1. How To Blog, from I agree with some of this, and some of it is bunk. Your mileage will vary.
2. Defective Yeti. His kid is cute (check out this post!), and if you don't laugh, you're made of stone.
3. BoingBoing. The Grand Dame of weblogs. BoingBoing is very hard to explain. But go ahead and see how it strikes you.
4. Obscure Store and Reading Room. Sort of a clearinghouse for all those man-bites-dog type stories that are becoming so common. When you see something unusual on CNN, odds are these guys had it a few days earlier.
5. 5ives. Guy has random thoughts in groups of five. Guy posts them online. Here's an example: 
  1. Mr. Bob Dobalina
  2. Thorstenson Finlandson
  3. Rrrrrrrrrroberto!
  4. Bubb Rubb
  5. Dr. Julius Kelp
6. Scobleizer. Robert Scoble is a Microsoft employee who writes about working at Microsoft. He uses his blog to communicate with other MSFT employees, talk about projects he's working on there, and clearly states what he feels Microsoft does right and wrong. This is sort of where I envision the WEA blog going, but with more people.
So that's about it. Watch for your invites, and don't hesitate to email me with questions...or better yet, post them to the blog!

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