Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Updated LAN Party Planning

The guest list in particular needs updating.
Oh, and my apologies to Jeff. He didn't load the wrong driver on Mom's system...he didn't even touch it. I was the installer for the print server on that machine, and it turns out I did it right. I fiddled with it and it suddenly started working. Sorry again, Jeff. Thanks for all your help.
Leon...you haven't reminded me to tell you about keeping a MAC address database. Believe me, you want to do this, and I'll tell you why. Later.
Here's the updated guest list:
Roger Widdison (Eric's little brother)
Eric Widdison
Gary Walker
Leon Walker
Andrew Walker
Jake Wilcox
Jeff Wilcox
Stan Wilcox (Bit of a pattern developing, no?)
Krys Johnson
Dan Carver
Joe Oskiersky (The HTML barfed last time I tried to spell his name right.)
Lowell Layton (Crystal's Brother)
Sian Dagostino (A Woman! (pronounced "See-Ahn"))
Becca Betts (Sian's friend, probably won't be playing.)
Roger, Dan, Andrew, Gary, Stan, Krys, Joe, and Lowell all need contacting and RSVP'ing.
I can get Krys, Joe, and Lowell. Leon and Eric, can you guys get the rest?
So far, we've had about two votes for Subway, and three for Garcia's. One of the votes for Garcia's is cast by the host, and so it looks like Garcia's is definitely in the lead. I'll visit them today and see what they can do for us. They may not even operate on New Year's Day.
Don't forget, folks...there WILL be a cover charge. So if you're calling someone to let them know about the party, don't forget that part. We don't know how much yet, but I'd like to keep it under $10 and I definitely can't see going higher than $15. Leon and I will get solid numbers as soon as we can.
Once again, the games menu will be 1.) Microsoft Motocross Madness 2, and 2.) Half-Life 1 Multiplayer Death Match.
MCM2 is long out of production and can be had from Froogle for $10 and sometimes less. I saw some on Ebay for as little as $5. If you don't have Half-Life by now, shame on you.
I strongly advise that you come to the party with at least game control skills. If you don't know where the "jump" button is, we'll be happy to help, but you really ought to have that down before you arrive. That sort of problem makes for a frustrating experience.


Eric said...

Daniel Widdison will probably not be coming to the party, but Roger Widdison will likely come. I'll get in touch with him, and see if I can track down that Carver fellow.

Gary said...

I plan on being there. Under ten bucks for the cover charge is fine by me.