Friday, December 03, 2004

LAN Party Details Briefing (Stand by for De-Briefing)

I'm working at the Davis Lab and Leon is sitting here. I think it's a good time to hash out some details for the party.
Here's the list of invitees so far:
Andrew (?)
Dan Carver (?)
Jörg (Known as "Joe" to you American types)
Lowell (Crystal's older brother)
It's at Leon's place, in the basement and library. The food will be upstairs, but you can bring it down and eat in front of your own computer if you choose. We have a reasonable player limit of twelve.
Leon and I will set up camp in Leon's room, for which I'll bring a wired router so that I'll have a place to plug in. If someone (Eric, I'm looking in your direction) could bring another switch or two, then that would be great.
Now, regarding food...
We need to arrange catering. Leon and I are planning this thing, and we're open to input. But we're not bringing in Baja Fresh again, dammit.
So, here are some local places that cater. Please give us feedback on your preference:
Tasty's (High probability)
Togos (Sandwiches)
Garcia's (Excellent Mexican)
Panda Express
Overall, Leon and I lean toward Garcia's, Tasty's, or Quizno's. Any of those would be fine, and if I talk to a manager, we can probably be assured of the food arriving on time.
We also need to get some variety. So we're going to play some Motocross Madness 2 before dinner and Half-Life. We figure it'll be a good warm-up game. This is not set in stone. Whatever the group, or even factions thereof, want to do is fine. We're all there to have fun.
Everything here is subject to change. Leon wanted me to throw that in, just in case. OK? Ok.

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Sian said...

Hey! As you can tell, I am finally here. Patience is a virtue! Procrastination is more my style. Anyway, I saw the guest list to the party-- my name is missing but I would love to come if the offer still stands. And if so, my vote would go to Garcia's but as with the election, my vote rarely counts!! Kidding. By the way, I am looking forward to my CD's so I don't get punked!