Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Remember All That Talk About Business?

So things are changing a little bit.

Before I get to the meat of this, I really want to say that this is a great blog with great posts and terrific contributors.

I love this place. I'm not leaving, and I hope that our other contributors will come back to life and begin posting again. Eric, Jeff, Leon, Krys, Julianne...I'm looking at you.

Now, the uncomfortable part. I've begun a new venture, and it requires that I write well on a regular basis. My official goal is to post damned near every day, and that is hard. So hard that I'll probably not be posting here much. Much, you hear? I'm not deserting, I'm still here, and I still want to keep Phischkn....uh, FishNet Tech Forum alive.

In that spirit, I'm calling again on our contributors--none of whom have yet posted this year--to step up to the plate and reactivate. Please tell us what you're up to. Tell us what you're doing for work these days. Gripe about frustrations. Give us restaurant recommendations. Review the books you've read. Plan some LAN parties.

What am I doing? I've started a new website called EntrepreneursMeanBusiness.com. It actually has several other URLs that are shorter and easier to spell, but EMB was the original concept and that's what we're flying with. The website is devoted to people who want to have their own businesses and improve the businesses that they're already running. It's still very young, and very beta.

When Phischkneght Forum was new, I practically twisted the arms of everyone I knew to get them to read the blog. I won't be doing that any more. The business I'm in requires that I be interesting to people that I don't know in order to produce revenue. If you'd like to check in, I invite you to do so at EMB (no longer at FishNetTech! The link embedded here is fixed!).

Finally and one last time, this is not a farewell post. I'm still here, and I'll be kicking the butts of those who do not find time or motivation to be here as well.

Thank you.


Eric said...

So, I've done what I can to respond to Jake's accusations, and I've added another blog to my daily reading list (14 right now, including 5 that I contribute to). I look forward to reading your stuff.

Jake said...

Thanks for picking up my gauntlet, Eric.

I really enjoyed your post, and I hope to see more soon.

Oh, and for what it's worth, my RSS reader is currently showing me 42 active blogs. And we all know the significance of that number, don't we?

When I need to write a lot, it really helps to read a lot.