Sunday, February 25, 2007

AVG Free!

It has come to my attention recently that Grisoft has stopped support to AVG 7.1. I have also been told that they no longer support the free version and that you have to pay to upgrade to AVG 7.5. This is FALSE! Ok they stopped support for AVG7.1 but Grisoft still has a free version and it is AVG 7.5 here is the link. I am happy to help those who can’t afford to pay for a virus scanner and so is AVG. Making a free addition in my mind is good business. This keeps the home computers free of viruses. This in turn helps keep the corporate computers and those who pay for licenses free of viruses. So if anyone from AVG happens to read this thank you.

From a small user.

May you always be profitable.


Anonymous said...

AVG free 7.1 is an excellent and reliable piece of software and V 7.1 still appears to run and update virus definition files. Although it now has a popup saying you're no longer protected and the version is not supported, would a reputable company show test results as a normal full scan if they were not in fact actually being done? However as there is a new free version, the only reason to delay updating would be to check for bug reports and wait for fixes before updating.

Eric said...

There are two issues with updating to 7.5. The first is that they really did write their stuff about 7.1 going obsolete in such a way that users are inclined to think that it marks the end of AVG Free, and it was slightly tricky finding 7.5 free (as in I think I had to go look for it myself instead of following some link to it).

The only other issue is that now it steals focus on my computer to tell me that it has updated. While it's nice to know that I'm up-to-date, I really don't need to be interrupted in order to get the news. The old system where they indicated out-of-date databases with a discolored icon worked well enough.

Otherwise, AVG 7.5 has been working fine for me. Thanks, AVG!